McCready in good form at Blairgowrie

Published: September 8, 2013
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Blairgowrie, Scotland – September 8, 2013 – A sunny day for the annual Blairgowrie Games, where Gordon McCready of Renfrew, Scotland, had the best overall success in the top-level events.


1st Gordon McCready
2nd Jonathan Greenlees, Glasgow
3rd Jenny Hazzard, Edinburgh
4th Peter McCalister
Judge: John MacDougall

1 Mael Sicard Cras, Brittany
2nd Darach Urquhart, Glasgow
3rd Michael Elder
4th Connor Sinclair, Crieff, Scotland
5th Jamie Hawke, New Zealand
Judges: Colin MacLellan, Iain Speirs

1 Calum Watson
2nd Jamie Elder
3rd Ross Millar
4th Caitlan MacDonald
5th Chris Gray
Judges: Jack Taylor, Bill Wotherspoon


1st Steven Gray
2nd Jonathon Greenlees
3rd Gordon McCready
4th Andrew McPhee
Judges: Tom Speirs, Greig Wilson

Strathspey & Reel
1st Gordon McCready
2nd Gavin Ferguson
3rd Steven Gray
4th Jenny Hazzard
Judges: Tom Speirs, Greig Wilson


1st Calum Watson
2nd Caitlan MacDonald
3rd Mael Sicard Cras
4th Jason Craig
Judges: John MacDougall, Jack Taylor, Bill Wotherspoon

Strathspey & Reel
1st Calum Watson
2nd Jason Craig
3rd Caitlan MacDonald
4th Jamie Elder
Judges: John MacDougall, Jack Taylor, Bill Wotherspoon

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