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The piping and drumming world revolves around competition, yet until now there has been no central repository of data from the years and years of major events.

Have fun looking up the winners of the most significant solo and band competitions in history and check to see won what when and, in some cases, with which tunes.

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  • Toeing a fine line
    Sun, 29 Mar 2015
    Pressuring bands to compete only in sanctioned contests makes some sense. The RSPBA’s most recent alleged request – some use the word “bullying” – that bands not compete at the new Spring Gatherin’ has brought the topic to the for …
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UPCOMING EVENTS April 25, 2015Atlantic Canada Piobaireachd ChallengeCollege of Piping, Summerside, PEI

April 25, 2015139th Anniversary Sacramento Valley Scottish Games and FestivalYolo County Fairgrounds * Woodland, CA

April 25, 2015Brandon Highland FestivalCrocus Plains High School, Brandon

May 2, 2015Savannah Scottish Games & Highland GatheringBethesda Academy 9520 Ferguson Avenue Savannah GA

May 2, 2015The LivingstoneHamilton, Ontario

Pipers: For those playing cane reeds, if they stop try blowing down the drone a couple of times rather than springing the tongue. This will give the blade a natural gentle lift.
Euan Anderson, Edinburgh