Tune Namer

Has the muse struck suddenly and your original gem-of-a-composition is now sitting there begging for a name?

No worries! Taking the cue from our incredibly popular BandNamer feature, TuneNamer will provide you with a unique and thought-provoking (and occasionally just a bit off-colour) title for your masterpiece!

Have fun!


  • Why pipe sections are bigger
    Wed, 10 Dec 2014
    Why are pipe sections so big? It’s the great question of this particular era of pipers and drummers, and there’s no sign of the issue going away any time soon. It’s a quandary that virtually every competing band in every … Continu …
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If your band is not spending money to replace broken snare heads, then expect comments from judges that will say your drums are flat.
Doug Stronach, Toronto Police