Pick The Glenfiddich Five to win prizes from R.G. Hardie!

Published: October 08, 2018

In the piping world, October means one thing: the Glenfiddich Invitational Solo Championships, the world’s most prestigious and refined event.

And along with the competition, it means pipes|drums’ annual Pick The Glenfiddich Five contest!

There are 10 pipers who compete. Just 10. So, one might think that picking the final result would be easy.

It is. Sort of. Kind of. If you’re canny. And perhaps a little bit lucky.

You see, every one of the 10 invitees is a sensational piper. Anything could happen. That’s why this event and this contest is so much fun.

This year, our friends at R.G. Hardie & Co. – faithful advertisers with pipes|drums since the 1980s – have once again stepped up, providing two excellent prizes:

Here’s a fun video by Modern Piping‘s quadruplet Lincoln Hilton brothers, with Twist Trap Pipes in action:

And because this year we have two prizes, we will have two winners. The person with the best entry, based on the rules that follow, will have his or her choice of prize.

The second-place winner will get whichever prize was not selected by the first-place winner.

And how exactly might you win? Well, here are the rules, so please read carefully:

  • Readers must submit their entry via e-mail – click here. (Please use the template automatically generated.)
  • Entries must list the competitors in their aggregate order of finish – 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th.
  • Only one entry per e-mail address (all multiple entries from the same e-mail address will be discarded; please don’t try to game the system).
  • In the event of aggregate ties between piping competitors, the Piobaireachd event determines the winner.
  • Submissions must include full postal address.
  • The winning entry must pick the 2018 Glenfiddich Champion – the overall winner of the first-prize – correctly.
  • Ideally, the winning entry will pick the exact prize-list in exact order of finish.
  • If more than one entry gets the list exactly right, a random draw will be made.
  • If no entry is completely correct, the submission that picks the first-prize winner and gains the most points from the following system will win: 3 points for choosing a piper in the right spot, and 1 point for including a piper who made the top-five aggregate prize list but not in the correct place.
  • If still tied, a random draw will decide the winner.
  • Entries close at 18:00 GMT, Friday, October 26th.
  • Glenfiddich adjudicators, competitors, officials, the Duke of Atholl and his housekeepers are not eligible to win.
  • The winner will be notified by e-mail and a story will be published soon after. The winner’s name will be withheld, if desired.

As a reference, here in alphabetical order are the 10 pipers contending for the prizes at the 2018 Glenfiddich Championship. Readers are encouraged to browse pipes|drums for results from this year’s solo piping events from around the world.

+ Glenfiddich contestants confirmed

So, be sure to research the players and check out our Big Prizes database for past success at the Glenfiddich and other major events.

And be sure also to watch the livestream of the event via the National Piping Centre‘s site.

Thanks to our sponsors, R.G. Hardie, and good luck to all readers who give our Pick The Glenfiddich Five contest a go – and best of luck to all competitors on October 27th at Blair Atholl Castle.



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