November 25, 2022

The 2022 pipes|drums Holiday Gift Guide! Great deals and products from our advertisers . . .

It’s the 2022 pipes|drums Holiday Gift Guide!

We asked our wonderful advertisers to highlight one or two of their great products and services as excellent gifts for your favourite piper, drummer or piping and drumming enthusiast, so check out their suggestions and the many great deals they have on offer!

Be sure to peruse their entire website for the many items they offer now and year-round!


InTune Mic: Wireless Clip-on Instrument Microphone for Smartphones

Designed by Jori Chisholm and recently released in November 2022, the InTune Mic lets you harness the power of your favorite smartphone tuner apps to help you get your pipes in tune faster, easier, with greater precision — you can do it independently. InTune Mic is plug-and-play and works with all of your favorite apps and devices. No wires means total freedom. Works in noisy environments like band practice or at the Highland games. $59.99 InTune Mic; $79.99 InTune Mic & Piper’s Advantage Bagpipe Phone Mount Bundle (Save 20%)

BagpipeLessons.com Inner Circle Membership 

The Inner Circle Membership gives you complete access to the best of everything at BagpipeLessons.com:

  • Weekly live and interactive fun online classes for all levels with Jori Chisholm and world-class guest instructors
  • Online lesson library with hundreds of videos, tunes, demonstrations, and lessons on nearly every piping topic
  • Personalized support to help you reach your goals
  • All classes are recorded and available to watch anytime from anywhere.
  • Perfect for pipers of all levels.

Use Coupon Code PIPESDRUMS and save $100 on first-year membership.

Blair Bagpipes

It’s more than just a chanter. It’s a fully featured multi-instrument-bagpipe.

The Blair Digital ‘Bagpipe’ has nine different instruments onboard alongside a vast array of professional sound features such as Reverb, Metronome, MIDI, Vibrato and variable pitch. Played by pipers at home, in hospitals, schools, on stage, in film and in recording studios the true stereo sound and versatility of this instrument speaks for itself. It’s a bagpipe outlier.

Check out the Blair Bagpipe on YouTube to see (and hear) it in action.

Bruce Gandy

The audio version of Bruce Gandy’s book, Performance: Delivering Your Own Awesome and pdf for 30% off – $9.00.

G1 Reeds

Get all your Christmas piping needs at G1 Reeds! Treat yourself or your favourite piper to a G1 Plug & Play chanter – comes with chanter,  reed and cap combination. Plastic Plug & Play (£160 incl VAT) or a Blackwood Plug & Play (£310 incl VAT).

Highland Gear

The Highland Hanger. Keep your entire kit on one hanger! Firmly keeps kilt and everything else on one hanger. $40.


Lee & Sons Bagpipes

All Lee & Sons pipe bags are 20% off during the month of December. Check out the myriad options and sizes to fit your specific needs.


Lyons Bagpipes

The Moose Valve: one of the World’s best-selling bagpipe products, the Moose Valve is a very innovative Blowpipe Stock Valve. Comes with a two-year guarantee. It is very easy to fit and remove using a tool provided and fits securely in position. Can be used in any type of bag set up and is fully adjustable from 3/4″ – 7/8″. Fits internal tapered bores with no requirement to ream or drill stock. The Moose Valve features a large bore for efficient air delivery and is 100% airtight. Once fitted, Moose Valves act as a water trap that effectively collects excess moisture which can be tipped out at any time by simply removing the blowpipe. Available from most good bagpipe stockists.

The Moose Camlock Chanter Reed Cover: designed to fit almost every chanter size. It fits easily over the chanter reed and simply turns to tighten over the hemp. The Moose Camlock allows the chanter to be stored safely in a tube without any unsightly protruding screws that can also damage the hemp joint. There is no requirement for a hole in the top as the off-set cam allows any excess moisture to escape. Keep it simple, use a Moose Camlock. Available from most good bagpipe stockists.

McGillivray Piping

PIPE BANDS by Jeannie Campbell, MBEThis massive tome must certainly be Jeannie Campbell’s opus. At 850 pages, the book weighs nearly six pounds and contains an astonishing amount of information on not only general pipe band history, but the history of the pipe band movement in various countries and continents. She reveals the stories and membership of innumerable pipe bands around the world, and if your pipe band has a long history you’re very liable to find yourselves here. Photos abound, and appendices include lists of world champions.

Jeannie Campbell, MBE, a long-time former employee of the College of Piping and curator of its museum, has published widely for many decades. She is perhaps best known for her two books Highland Bagpipe Makers and More Highland Bagpipe Makers, though her articles in pipes|drums and other periodicals over the years also represent a huge body of important historical work. She lives in Glasgow.

Rhythmic Fingerwork. There is no piping instruction book quite like this one, where you are encouraged and taught to improve your music by focusing on your technique. In a nutshell, here is what Rhythmic Fingerwork can offer you: 141 exercises covering all light music technique; detailed instruction on how to play and practice each exercise; recordings demonstrating all exercises, and a practical philosophy to help you understand gracenoting. The book is suitable for all levels except complete beginners. Rhythmic Fingerwork has gone through numerous printings since its release in 1998 and continues to draw rave reviews for its common-sense approach to the challenging technique of the Highland bagpipe. In addition to being a great self-study tool, it is also a great practical tool for teachers and teaching programs.

Modern Piping

CEÒL BEAG – Volume 1

Ceol Beag for the Great Highland Bagpipe – Volume 1 is an epic 345-page book containing all the tunes Lincoln Hilton has written and arranged over the past decade.

This collection of over 150 tunes and not only includes the groundbreaking material he has featured on YouTube, Facebook and the Modern Piping Volumes but many more unreleased tunes.

In contrast to the vast number of jigs, hornpipes and suites, there is a touch of tradition, including more than 59 marches, strathspey and reels; 26 of them being competition-style pieces.

All harmony arrangements are included and are colour-coded for easy reading. Get inspired by reading the stories behind Lincoln’s compositions and learn some tunes that will undoubtedly stand the test of time. Lincoln has established himself as one of his generation’s most accomplished, innovative and prolific composers – this collector’s item is a must-have in every piper’s collection.

Secrets of Piping 2 – brand new release!

Packed with our articles from Modern Piping Volume 17-32, we are so excited to share Secrets of Piping Book 2. This is a collection of all of our awesome tutorials from Volume 17-32 of the Modern Piping books but in one affordable book. We work really hard to give you the ins and outs of composition and piping never talked about before.


Is there a more thoughtful and valuable gift than a subscription to pipes|drums? Your piper, drummer or enthusiast bestie will enjoy all that we have to offer and all you have to spend is a scant $14.99. Now, isn’t your favourite person worth four cents a day?! (Plus, it goes to keeping the publication running.)

Piping Perfection

A 10% discount on all practice chanters. No VAT outwith UK. Free postage. Includes reed. Order online and discount will be applied. Good xmas to all our loyal customers!


Any set in stock of MacRae Bagpipes (SL0, SL2, SL3): we’ll add a MacRae practice chanter and a music book at no extra cost. 

Piobaireachd bundle: P-M Donald MacLeod’s Collection, Captain John MacLellan’s Collection and The Piper’s Meeting (Campbell Canntaireachd) for $100!

R.G. Hardie

The new Peter Henderson Celtic Heritage Nickel Blackwood Practice Chanter and R.G. Hardie Beanies, which are perfect for the winter!

Scotts Highland Services

Pipers’ Choice Trad A Small Pipes: The pipes are made of Delrin and have two tenors and a Bass Drone. Can be purchased over the shoulder or across the arm set up. Plays at 440 hertz (concert A) so it allows you to play with other instruments. Comes with a synthetic pipe bag, Ezeedrone drone reeds, cover and cords and soft carrying case. Easy to blow, great for in-house practice or for entertaining. Made in Canada. Christmas Special price: less 10%.

Pipers’ Choice Border Pipes Combo SetThe pipes are made of Delrin and play at 440 hertz (Concert A) which makes it easy to play with other instrumentation. The Drone arrangement is Bass, Baritone and Tenor. Synthetic bag, Ezeedrone reeds, cover and cords. The volume is about half the Highland pipes. Can be purchased with an over the shoulder or across the arm set-up. Can also be used as a small pipe by purchasing a small pipe chanter and reed. Gives you two Instruments in one. Also available with bellows if that set up is preferred. Christmas Special price: less 10%. Made in Canada.


Learn the Bagpipe Kit with standard chanter: $20 off, or the Learn the Bagpipe Kit with long chanter: $20 off.
Blow Pro: $10 off

Be sure to check back here and on their sites for more items this holiday season!
Merry, merry!





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