Custom DN4A Pipes For Sale with Regalia

David Naill DN4A custom set from around year 2000, with pipe player regalia.  Valued around $3977.00, open to any offers.  I have many pictures.  E-mail to request them.

list of items:

2 chris apps chanter reeds from around the same time period
(it’s impossible to get these reeds anymore. THE mcallister died after making these reeds)
7 mcallister originals circa 2000 chanter reeds – $15 each around
1 can bag seasoning – mostly full
1 spool of waxed hemp

David Naill arican blackwood practice chanter – $250
hard practice chanter case – 75$

(original cost – $2200 these usually go up in value, but I don’t know what the market is.)
custom David Naill bagpipe set based of DN4A
African Blackwood fully combed / beaded
sterling silver slides
sterling silver ferrules
imitation Ivory projecting mounts
African Blackwood chanter with silver ferrule
Velvet blue bag white tassles
hide bag
ezeeDrone tenor and bass reeds – $25

airstream blowpipe – around $75
two cleaning rods (large and small) – $13
Bagpipe bore oil – around $7

Airline Bagpipe case – around $125
Practice chanter case – $75

stock seating cord
2 new extra mouth guards (rubber) roughly $4 each

ghillie brogues – around $95
kilt jacket size 52L black – $225 around
kilt kerry county ireland size 36 – $400
leather sporan – $30
celtic knot kilt pin gold – $45
farquharson hat badge – $15
kilt belt (leather) and buckle – $60
cream knee high bagpipe socks – around 15$
wallace plaid knee high socks (black red and yellow stripe pattern) – around 95$
red flashes and straps – around 9$

Price: valued at $3977.00, open to offers Contact: richard miller | Email User
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