David Nail #2 Blackwood Bagpipes, 3 blackwood chanters, and assorted piping accessories for sale

Published: July 25, 2018
July 25, 2018 November 25, 2018

A good starter set of bagpipes along with an assorted collection of gear. 3 good chanters here. I’ve played/used it all and it’s all good stuff. Gently used. You can email me and tell me what you would like or it can all be yours for $2450. Contact me and I can send more photos.


- David Naill #2 African Blackwood bagpipes, sticks only $1400
- brand new Bowes sheepskin bag $300
- C.E. Kron medallist blackwood pipe chanter $250
- Dunbar blackwood pipe chanter $150
- Murray blackwood pipe chanter $150
- “Bagpiper” bagpipe case $100
- 2 Kinnaird Piper’s Pal reed protectors $30 each
- brand new RT Shepherd & Son moisture separator system $30
- rubber drone plugs $10

Price: $1400.00

Contact: Will Barton

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