FS: 1990s R.G.Hardie ABW pipes w/ Dunbar chanter, $US 900

I have two other bagpipes that need all my attention and so am reluctantly putting this set on the market, formerly my primary set. This is an excellent condition set of Hardie pipes bought new directly from piping medallist Mike Cusack while he operated Jimmy McIntosh’s bagpipe supply company in 1993 (full sales receipts and documentation included with these pipes).  The chanter that comes with this set is a Dunbar Elite polypenco from 2009.  Included drone reeds are Wygent Synthe-Drones that have been played in them for many years. The bag is a Banantyne synthetic, only a few years old and hasn’t had much play. Cords are included as shown but I wish to retain the MacGregor tartan bag cover unless the buyer wants it; add $25. Set up will be easy, this set has been played regularly until about a year ago. They were my only set from 1993 until 2008 and I took good care of them, no cracks or dings, excellent tone.  Light-weight compared to other makes, very comfortable for long parades!  They are full blackwood except for the chanter and the chanter stock and blowpipe, which have been replaced by Kron polypenco substitutes that are matching styles. In 2008 the Dunbar Bagpipes company refurbished these pipes by replacing the original imitation ivory mountings, which had yellowed, with new mounts that will retain their brightness.  All these receipts, as noted, will be included.

Since 2009 these pipes have primarily been played by students taking instruction from me, so they’ve had regular use but not abuse. I’m putting them on the market because I don’t have the time to keep three sets of pipes running and don’t need these for students at present, plus I am looking at a move and need to raise cash and unload some possessions. Need to place these in a good home where they can be loved and admired fully!  Sales price US$ 900  shipping included within the US. khendyx909@gmail.com

Pictures here and I can take more if further details are requested. Note that the bag cover is NOT to be included, unless purchase is arranged separately.


Price: US$900 Contact: khendryx909@gmail.com | Email User
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When tuning a pipe corps, do three or four at a time (depending how long it takes) and get the others to blow their pipes back up to pitch prior to tuning them.
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