FS: Older ABW Pipe Chanters

Chanter 1: Not name stamped, but appears to be Sinclair at bottom. Possibly MacPherson era of Sinclair? Great condition, no cracks, no carving. Plastic sole. $170 CDN, including postage.

Chanter 2: Stamped R.G. Hardie. This chanter has a great sound. It was turned at the bottom sometime in its history, and is cracked from Low G tone holes and below. This does not affect the sound, and with some glue and wrapping, this would last another 70 years no problem. Plastic sole. $120 CDN, including postage.

Chanter 3: Stamped “McLeod, Forfar”. This was a Gillanders & McLeod product from about 1982. Great condition and good sound. Have a carved C hole. $150 CDN, including postage.

Chanter 4: Stamped “Grainger,” this is a Grainger & Campbell chanter from the era of John MacFadyen and Donald MacLeod. This has a lovely piobaireachd High G with the right reed. Very good condition. Plastic sole. $170 CDN, including postage.

Chanter 5: Not stamped. This chanter appears to be physically closest to the Hardie in size and some details. It has been through the wars a bit, and appears to have some surface sanding and repair, but is not altered or damaged that I can tell. It has a brighter than expected pitch, and a very solid natural sole. $170 CDN, including postage.

Price: $100-150 Contact: Iain MacDonald | Email User
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Don’t wear white socks/band paraphernalia in solo piping competitions.