Hendersons, circa 1900-1910, Cocuswood/Blackwood, full ivory, silver slides

This very old set of Hendersons is a mix of Cocuswood and Blackwood. The two tenor drone bottoms are Blackwood, and while makers at this time were known to mix woods, it is possible that these two pieces were later Henderson replacements. Visually, this is indiscernible.

It is thought that the pipes date from between 1900 and around 1910. The ivory shows some spider cracking, none of which threatens the mounts. There is some staining and chipping on the ivory, consistent with a set of pipes that is over 100 years old. The slides are hallmarked silver, added in the mid-1970s.

The Henderson stamp is visible in all the cord slots.

One tenor top and the bass mid-joint had hairline cracking that has been invisible whipped.
These repairs are indiscernible.

The blowpipe and blowpipe stock are complete replacements and have been fitted with non-chip imitation ivory.

The tone of this set is outstanding — great Henderson boldness and steadiness. The tuning
chambers are very even and the drones are easy to reed.

Price: 4500.00 CDN Contact: Thomas MacKenzie | Email User
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Use earplugs. Good music shops will sell ones that block out mainly lower frequencies, protecting your hearing but still allowing you to tune your drones. Ask for them in the percussion section.
Jenny Hazzard, Edinburgh