Published: October 04, 2021

Naill Bagpipes

Mint condition David Naill DN5.

They are 0.925 sliver with Runic engraving and imitation mounts.

These are mid 1990’s but we’re refurbished by Naill last November when I came into possession of them. This includes the recent modifications Naill has made to their bass drone.

I purchased them for a band set but have came into a set of vintage Lawrie’s that I’m now using.

These pipes are too good to sit around and not be played.

All the traits to expect from a set of Naill’s - great tone and very steady.

Included is an African Blackwood Shepherd chanter with a nearly matching sole.

Asking $4500.00 - Canadian dollars.

These pipes retail for $5,300.00 (not including taxes and shipping).

Free shipping in Canada.

Sound clips upon request.

For an additional cost these pipes can be set up. Prices upon set up would vary.

Price: $4500.00

Contact: Mike Lasseter

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