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  • Shake up or shut up
    Sat, 7 Mar 2015
    The grand old Crieff Highland Games deciding, at least this year, to drop solo piping competitions from its day in August is certainly a shame for piping tradition, but it’s  emblematic of the challenges facing event organizers — …
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UPCOMING EVENTS March 28, 2015Dunedin Highland GamesDunedin FL

March 28, 2015Winnipeg Scottish FestivalCANAD INNS DESTINATION CENTRE | POLO PARK

March 28, 2015Erepa Grotto Indoor Solo Piping ContestEdinboro University 219 Meadville St Erie PA 16444

March 29, 2015Brisbane Boys College Highland GatheringBrisbane Boys' College, Brisbane

April 3, 2015BC Pipers’ Annual GatheringSimon Fraser University & TBA

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