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pipes|drums is independent, non-profit and not affiliated with any association. It is the world’s only completely self-governing, organized piping and drumming publication. We don’t sell anything except subscriptions and advertising, and allow our advertisers to sell select products on our Shop page. All revenues from subscriptions and advertising are either plowed back into the publication or used for other worthy non-profit piping and/or drumming causes.

pipes|drums strives to provide news, reviews, and features of journalistic professional-standard integrity and balance. Every news story attempts to provide relevant sides of the discussion, with the ultimate purpose of providing information while stimulating constructive dialog.

pipes|drums is edited and published by Andrew Berthoff, professional solo piper since 1981, a past member of several Grade 1 bands for more than 15 years, an adjudicator with the Pipers & Pipe Band Society of Ontario, and was for 13 years a member of that organization’s Music Committee.


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