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2 thoughts on “Opinion: The leaders we deserve

  1. I don’t think it’s my age and affection for the individuals involved, but on an objective basis, you would have to exclude the RNZPBA from your generalisation. The New Zealand association is run by former grade one leaders, and has been for years. It’s not perfect, and the challenge is to support the bulk of the membership, which is not grade one.

    1. Interesting comment. An association run by grade 1 leaders is doomed to be as useless as the current leadership of the rspba. Be honest, what relevance do any of the current top grade pipe majors, with.the exception of the current world champions, have with the grassroots of piping in the basement grades where the building of any band has to start. The top grade one pipe majors have such an influence on making their own band as good as they can possibly be, and zero influence on the lower grade bands, thus ensuring that those bands wither on the vine. Eventually the top bands will reap what they sow and the pipe band scene is finished


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