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2 thoughts on “Editorial: The Wild West

  1. Many NZ pipers and drummers never make it to the worlds, and those that do typically make it only infrequently. We have some seriously good local bands which comprise almost exclusively local personnel – take a bow Canterbury – but several of our Grade 1 bands don’t have the tuition infrastructure or personnel to produce a consistently sustainable Grade 1 standard. I understand that in the recent contest the Auckland and District band was strongly reinforced by members of the Johnstone Pipe band, and that Emmett Conway brought several members of Shotts over to play with NZ Police – but Canterbury still prevailed on the day.

    The presence of fly-in players, and the performances that they help our local bands put on the field, provide real motivation and development for our local players, and provide a real spectacle for those of us who can only watch and admire skill that would otherwise only be able to be seen by taking the long and expensive trip to the UK. Until we can persuade non – NZ grade 1 bands to come to our national contest – and they are all in the northern hemisphere – then I say well done to our local Grade 1 bands for flying in members to provide the best competition we can see.

    The cost involved, and the skill level required to to adapt to a different band’s style in a matter of days or weeks, means that fly-ins are generally limited to the Grade 1 competition. From my perception at the bottom of the world, in this global age, we are the better for it. We would love to see more of you!

    Peter Duncan, Hamilton NZ

  2. I think this is written from a perspective of a location with a healthy upper grade band numbers. I would argue that the US and increasingly Canada have the same issues as Australia, NZ and South Africa. Very limited resources for cross pollination of grade 1/2 talent. Until UK bands have the ability to travel to other countries each year like we have to travel to the UK, I think bringing in folks is a necessary evil. Maybe the North American associations can bring in bands to have a good grade 1 or 2 event. the SF Caledonian Games in Pleasanton try their best.

    Charlie Martin
    CA, USA


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