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2 thoughts on “Opinion: The player deficit to come

  1. Our circumstances are quite atipical, ours is a fledgling band in the Costa del Sol. so though 4 hours away by plane we’re, in a sense in the “Piping Boondocks”.
    Only one teacher in the area (and not the very best, if I may say so myself)
    The pandemic has been a Blessing In Disguise, virtually from day one of the lockdown the Practice Chanter lessons multiplied from 1 every fortnight to 3 a week, with lessons every single day.
    And in August we had our first “post-confinamiento” gig with extreme health precautions.
    We were 8 pipers when would originally have been maybe only 5 and with much less confidence.
    Why this lengthy story? two reasons:
    1) share our story of which were proud and,
    2) How this situation faced head on allowed us to drastically improve and even bring us closer.
    And this experience is applicable to Piping/Drumming in general.
    Furthermore we found ways to overcome the technical difficulties,
    We had pupils not only from the area but even as far as from Scotland itself.
    This was because no one else was actively teaching for free, for fun, and IN SPANISH.
    So, as the author of this Opinion Piece rightly says: “Furthering the art does not come from constant competition; it comes through continuous teaching” is a good concept and we, for one, are doing our bit in Spain.

  2. I agree That this is the direction Pipe Band Associations need to go( Teaching new students free of charge or incredibly cheap)

    However While finding teachers who are Willing an Qualified might not be difficult getting word out to prospective pupils may prove easier said than done.

    Any Ideas?


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