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2 thoughts on “Opinion: Half-truths and why transparency matters

  1. I applaud you highlighting this issue but you can take it from the number of comments you get to your article, that most pipers and drummers couldn’t really care less. That is the problem. The RSPBA is an amateur organisation run in an amateur fashion by amateurs, all be it raking in and spending large sums of money. Apathy is your problem. End off.

    1. We gauge interest not by comments and Likes to Facebook posts, but by actual traffic on the magazine site. The numbers are great, and have at times even caused a slowdown due to bandwidth overload. Also, the unfortunate reality is that active competitors are reluctant to comment or afraid of commenting or even liking because of potential repercussions or retribution on the contest field. (Our own comment system allows for anonymity, if that’s what readers prefer.) The questions and comments posed ion this article are basic. They are what any member of any organization or business anywhere should be able to ask without fear. That the pipe band world continues to tolerate this sordid tradition is the most galling thing of all.


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