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2 thoughts on “Editorial: How could two judges be so far apart?

  1. All I can say is: “What a mess!” I’m not even sure that it’s possible to reconcile 1st vs 12th and at one of the majors no less, but a result such as this should require automatic consultation prior to handing in the sheets. This should be especially so given the disparities up and down the board. While this might cause some delay in compiling results and would involve some difficult, but appropriate conversations among the entire panel, that would be a small price to pay compared to what I’m sure right now is significant and understandable backlash from the bands involved. A confusing day at best for anyone in Grade 2 and that should never be no matter the contest.

  2. This is an extreme example, but not entirely unheard of here, in Ontario. One only has to look over the master sheets for last summer. It happens. Solutions…..?


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