April 22, 2008

Champion of the world

A different perspective.Every day is Earth Day for pipes|drums. Part of the
thinking 18 months ago when publishing efforts went all-online was
to eliminate the expensive waste that paper can be. It made little
sense then to keep churning out the paper copy, what with the
back-and-forth of proofs, the expensive and energy-sapping printing
press, the smoggy ground delivery of crates of copies, the
polluting transportation and postage and time involved with sending
copies out.

The transition to all-online has worked almost perfectly, and there
are some really great things on the horizon. Yes, some
people older than 40 want their paper copy to read in bed or on the
crapper, but their numbers are ever shrinking. Does anyone younger
than 25 even subscribe to paper-based publications any more?

For the $9.99 annual subscription cost, pipes|drums’ readers can
access online what equal thousands of paper pages. In fact, if the
thing were in paper only, you’d have to buy back issues to see what
you’ve missed. What’s more, to be viable, two back issues would be
priced at more than the price of an annual p|d subscription.

So, Happy Earth Day to all readers of pipes|drums, and an even
happier one to subscribers. We’re doing our part.




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