Moncton Highland Games

Date(s): June 21, 2015


Event URL: Link to website

    This year's event promises to pack more excitement, skill and music into one full day of competition, displays and cultural events. Bring your family and enjoy the unique experiences of the Scottish culture.

    Highland Games originated among the Scots' Celtic ancestors and became a customary part of their life. Events such as tossing the caber and putting the stone, and competitions in playing bagpipes and Highland dancing formed the core of the festivities.

    Emigration from Scotland dispersed the Highland Games and brought them to North America (where they are often referred to as the Caledonian Games).

    Rod Moncton Hotel - A great place to stay during the Highland Games - Reservations can be made by calling 
    1-800-565-RODD (7633) Or online by entering the promo code: HIGHLANd

    A big "THANK YOU" (Tapadh Leat) to all of our supporters, who without their help the games would not be possible.

    We look forward to the continuing support from our local and national sponsors for this year's games.



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