May 23, 2006


I thought about numbering my favourite candy/sweeties. Cherry Blasters would be at the top, followed closely by a Cadbury Flake. Chocolate and bad drumming usually give me a big headache, but a Flake, like several large whiskies, is worth the hangover.

More apt I guess are my top pipe band performances. These aren’t necessarily competitively great (although some are), just the ones that stand out in my brain most.

1. SFU – 1995 World’s MSR.
2. 78th Frasers – 1988 Maxville medley
3. SLOT – singing “The Auld Triangle” at their 2005 Pre-World’s Concert
4. SFU – 2005 World’s medley
5. 78th Frasers – “Journey To Skye” at the 1988 concert at Leith Town Hall

Lots more from MacLellan-vintage Strathclyde Police, FMM, Clan MacFarlane and others, if I really thought about it, but that’s I hope enough to prompt a few ideas from others.





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