October 29, 2007

No contest

Splendid!So that was the worst World Series I’ve ever seen – a totally lopsided affair with most games starting too late to see through to the end. Red Sox fans are happy, and none more than my uncle, who lives in Concord, Mass., and has rooted for his team since before Teddy Ballgame hit .406.

But, really, the Red Sox playing the Rockies was like Field Marshal versus Colorado Skye: different grades altogether. The Rockies and their fans seemed amazed that they were really in the World Series, as opposed to the Red Sox and their “nation” (which is really just New England) who were just having fun while dispatching this talented band of up-and-comers.

I started out rooting for the Rockies, but by the third game just wanted a sweep so the whole thing would be over and the underdogs could be mercifully put out of their misery. I sensed that the Colorado team and its followers just as quickly became so awe-struck by the Red Sox that they decided just to enjoy and learn from it, like any good Grade 3 band would do when spending a week with the World Champs.




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