March 30, 2005

Pipes and curling

The Women’s Curling World Championships (yes, they even have a world championship for that) are being held in Paisley, Scotland, just now.

Scotland is of course the cradle of curling and the home of Highland piping. In fact, many people will know that pipes are traditionally played at curling matches, particularly major ones. Apart from weddings, funerals, and the Toronto Maple Leafs’ home opener, a curling match is one of the rare events when non-pipers look forward to hearing good piping.

Except, apparently, for Paisley, Scotland. There was not a bagpipe to be heard until well into the latter stages of the tournament. And no one but the visiting teams and their friends and family seemed to miss it.

Is it yet another case of Highland piping being appreciated most by non-Scots? “Overseas” competitors are routinely amazed at the relative little non-piper/drummer attention and attendance there is at the World Pipe Band Championships or the major solo-piping events.

Ironic, no?




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