May 18, 2008

Droning on

More interestingHere’s a tip for indoor solo piping competition organizers: make sure that temperature is the same throughout the venue. Take the time to assess tuning rooms and the final stage. If there’s a difference in heating or cooling, fix it. If it can’t be fixed, find a new venue.


Here’s a tip for solo piping competitors: if you can’t get your pipes in tune and settled after four minutes, just start anyway. They won’t stay in tune, so your might as well just get it over with and lessen the suffering of people watching your screwing at the drones.


And if your drones are fine and you keep stalling before starting you’re just putting out a huge flag that says you’re not really prepared to play.


I would say that the biggest hindrance to solo piping being appreciated by more people is the incessant and habitual tuning that pipers must think is some sort of learned tradition. In an age of moisture control systems and synthetic bags and reeds there’s really no excuse.


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