December 07, 2006


Every year it seems that some fashion pundit predicts that tartan is in. It’s been going on forever, and, outside of Catholic girls’ schools and Britney Spears fan clubs, it’s never, ever true.

Same thing with kilts. For at least two decades, people have been predicting that men will wear kilts frequently. Dreary articles about “utili-kilts” quote fashion industry shills saying how “comfortable” a kilt is.

What a load. They are not comfortable, and anyone who’s been to a pipe band contest will know that pipers and drummers, if they can get away with it, wear the thing as little as possible.

Tartan and kilts as fashion must-haves? Hasn’t been true since Queen Vic was frolicking with John Brown in between her stag (the deer, that is) parties. Never will be true as long as good taste and common sense prevail.




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