September 12, 2005

A decade

Haven’t posted an entry in a number of days due to . . . a combination of forgetting and sloth. Inverne — I mean, Aviemore is done and dusted and well done to Donald MacPhee on his win. A very fine player who I think sometimes does not get as many prizes as he might deserve. Then again, he has won a wheelbarrow-full of awards over the years. Anyway, well done to him and to Euan MacCrimmon.

Friday was my 10th wedding anniversary. In 1995 my wife Julie and I got married at in Edinburgh with lots of piping and Strip the Widdows and general bevying. We took the day off on the 9th to celebrate. As an example of just what a great woman Julie is, we played 18 holes of golf, even though she hadn’t played really since before our daughter, Annabel, was born. Beautiful weather in Toronto and J got around in 100. My girl can play.

Anyway, just something to get the Blogpipe re-started.





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