December 05, 2006

Anonymously yours,

It continues to confound me why so many pipers and drummers have such strong opinions but are either unwilling to express them in public, or, if they do, sign their name to their thoughts.

Jim Roberts has frequently and quite rightly voiced his disappointment that so many pipes|drums articles have anonymous sources. While journalists tapping sources who will speak only on condition of anonymity is as old as journalism itself, it’s frustrating that after all these years pipers and drummers are still deathly afraid of the very organizations to which they belong.

No matter how miserable conditions might be, the thought of them being even more miserable because of political – which in our domain generally means judging – retribution because they rocked the boat is far worse. In effect, the population is afraid of the monarchy. The body of the church is afraid of the archbishop. The comrades fear the Kremlin. What in God’s name kind of antiquated situation is that?

The only way to effect change is to be heard in numbers, and for recognized leaders in the art to stand up and set an example. Question authority.




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