February 28, 2011

<> Breton Championships streaming live on the net

Following the success of the 2010 program, the 2011 Breton Bagad Championships again will be streamed live to the net on Sunday, February 27th, beginning at 13:30 (GMT), from Brest, Brittany. Streaming can be accessed from the France 3 television website.

Fifteen top-grade bagads are scheduled to compete in the event, the first of several rounds held over the next months that will determine the overall champion. Breton bagad bands are increasingly attracting pipers and drummers from other areas, among them this year are SFU pipers Will Nichols and Gordon Conn, who are competing with Bagad Cap Caval, 2010 Breton Champions.

Performance generally last up to 15 minutes, and are highly choreographed, featuring Highland pipes, percussion and bombards.

The full schedule of bands that will be streamed live:

1:30 – Alre

1:47 – Ar Meilhoù Glaz

2:04 – Cap Caval

2:21 – Bro Kemperle

2:38 – Pondi

2:55 – Sonerien Bro Dreger

3:12 – Brieg

3:45 РRo̱sed Mor

4:02 – Quic En Groigne

4:19 – Kemper

4:36 РPa̱vrid

4:53 – Saint-Nazaire

5:10 – Penhars

5:27 – Er Melinerion

5:44 – Plougastell

Thirteen judges will assess the competition, generally with two adjudicators in each domain of Highland pipes, bombards, snare drumming, percussion and ensemble. One master judge will coordinate the other 12 adjudicators.


  1. 15 mins competing, THIRTEEN judges! good luck to all the guys competing. i missed this last year but hopefully will catch it this year. surely it should give our bands some food for thought. vive la bretagne!!!



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