September 30, 2010

Coyne flips Pipe-Majors

The Grade 2 James J. Coyne Memorial Pipe Band of Los Angeles has appointed 21-year-old Tim Burke as new Pipe-Major, replacing Seumas Coyne, the founder and original pipe-major of the band, which is named to commemorate his late father.

According to a source who spoke on condition of anonymity, the band will continue under the same name, as it is closely aligned with the Coyne Memorial School of Piping & Drumming.

Burke has played with the band for two years. Darrell Calvillo will remain as Pipe-Sergeant.

Coyne is reportedly moving to Wyoming with his family, and his status with the band is not known, although he is still listed on the band’s roster.

James J. Coyne Memorial enjoyed a successful season in Grade 2, and has confirmed its attendance at the April 2011 Las Vegas International Celtic Festival.

Seumas Coyne has been a member of several bands over the years, including Simon Fraser University, Shotts & Dykehead Caledonia, City of Washington, St. Mary’s, Los Angeles Scots and the now defunct Chicago Caledonia and City of Glendale bands, of which the latter two he was Pipe-Major.


  1. Poor Seumas! I feel for him having to move to Wyoming. Although it’s a great place, and everyone should go there, and all of that drivel, it’s part of the piping nowhereland” of the west. Growing up in southeastern Montana very close to there is my reason for saying this. The only way to get a band is to start one and train all of the pipers yourself. No doubt Seumas is capable. Best of luck to him. Reay Palmer

  2. There is a State of WY pipe band, google it. Safe travels to Seumas… be sure to visit us often. When you get there buy a MacBook so you can skype the practices. Wyoming isn’t very far away, not like Alaska and Boston. We call dibbs on your guest room once the boxes are unpacked. Ah, fresh air…



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