December 31, 2009

Grey tests hits in retrospective CD

'Unqualified Favourites,' Michael GreyAlthough he does not describe his new retrospective CD as comprising “hits” from his last three major recording projects, Michael Grey’s new compilation, Unqualified Favourites, are a selection of his personal “best-of” choices in a single package.
The new compilation has just been released through Dunaber Music, Grey’s publishing company, through which he also produced the CDs from which the tracks are taken: Shambolica! (2002), NineBlasted Notes (2004) and Shimla Hum (2006).
“It was interesting to go back over the last three recordings and critically listen,” Grey said. “The tracks I appreciate and like today aren`t always the ones I remember loving when the CD was made. While it’s sort of all over the map, there are favourites, and the tunes, or tracks, that people like sometimes surprise me – they’re not always the tracks I think are the best or most interesting. Unqualified Favourites is a little effort on my part to have people check out the tunes that I like – and they may have missed.”
The new CD features 15 tracks, all of which have been remastered and repackaged, available directly from Dunaber Music.
Grey explains “Unqualified Favourites” as a title: “Yes, the title is a nod to the unlucky many on Glasgow Green every second Saturday in August.”
The best-of or greatest hits approach possibly has never been done before by a solo Highland piping artist, marking another first for Grey, whose first solo project, In Session, was released in 1989.
“I can say that when it comes to creating music nothing beats talented collaborators. I sought the best and was lucky to have them sign on. Among them, the late, great Oliver Schroer, Jane Siberry, Kurt Swinghammer, Owen Pallet and, of course, Bryan Greenwood all stand out a mile.”
He adds that he is currently working on another solo project, this time a series of duets with established musicians. He wouldn’t list names, but said that he’s “managed to sign on some amazing powerhouses” to work with him, and expects to complete the project in 2010.
Click here to download part of “Sergeant Malkie Bow’s Consternation” in MP3 format, one of the pieces that Grey chose for Unqualified Favourites.


  1. Just a quick comment in response to: The best-of or greatest hits approach possibly has never been done before by a solo Highland piping artist…” Ann Gray’s last album

  2. In terms of content, composition, hits and misses, it’s definitely not black and white, but rather, Shades of Grey”………. “Feel free to borrow that for another album title….””

  3. Hmmm… seems to be turning into a battle with the Scots Grays…….., or is it Greys? I’m using too much gray (grey?) matter trying to sort this one out! But, perhaps when we have reached the final answer, the path will be clear again with no more Grey clouds……..or is it gr..ahh forget it……



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