August 31, 2003

Inverness To Notify Clasp Players of Tune Three Days Before Event

Competitors in this year’s Clasp event at the Northern Meeting at Inverness will be told on Sunday, September 7, which tune they will play for the Wednesday, September 10, contest.

The move reportedly comes through negotiations with the Competing Pipers Association (CPA) after Clasp contestants had requested the change. Normally, competitors are told the tune they will play two pipers before their turn.

The Argyllshire Gathering at Oban (August 27-28) has reportedly declined to make the same change for its equivalent Senior Piobaireachd competition, concerned that not all overseas competitors could be notified, potentially putting some pipers at a disadvantage.

The set tunes for this year’s Senior Piobaireachd and Clasp are relatively obscure tunes from the MacArthur-MacGregor Manuscript of Piobaireachd, published in 2001. Competitors must submit four tunes from a list of six.

In other news from Oban, the order of play for the Highland Society of London’s Gold Medal competition at the Argyllshire Gathering, to be held on Wednesday, August 27, has been released:

1 Allan Russell, Scotland
2 Andrew Rogers, Canada
3 Fiona Manson, New Zealand
4 Iain Macey, USA
5 Jenny Hazzard, Scotland
6 Michael Grey, Canada
7 Michael Gray, Scotland
8 Stuart Liddel, Scotland
9 Jori Chisholm, USA
10 Andrew Berthoff, Canada
11 John Angus Smith, England
12 Simon Marshall, Scotland
13 Douglas Murray, Scotland
14 Duncan MacGillivray, Scotland
15 Euan MacCrimmon, Scotland
16 Ann Gray, Canada
17 Chris Armstrong, Scotland
18 Robert Crabtree, Canada
19 Graeme Roy, Scotland
20 Robert Watt, Northern Ireland
21 Andrew Mathieson, Scotland
22 Andrew Hayes, Canada
23 Bruce Gandy, Canada
24 Alan Bevan, Canada
25 Innes Smith, Scotland
26 Donald MacPhee, Scotland
27 Stuart Shedden, Scotland
28 Richard Hawke, New Zealand

The Argyllshire Gathering and Northern Meeting are accepted by competitive pipers as the premier solo events of the year.


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