October 31, 2001

Midlothian & Metropolitan Pipe Band

Midlothian & Metropolitan Pipe Band, Chicago, Illinois

In February 2001, the Midlothian Scottish Pipe Band and the Chicago Metropolitan Pipe Band announced the merger of two of the most successful organizations in the Midwest Pipe Band Association to form the Midlothian & Metropolitan Pipe Band. Since that time, the band worked very hard during the spring and summer to bring home a number of key prizes.

During the 2001 season, the band played in Grade 3. In the six contests that the band entered, the band achieved four first places and two second places. Included in those prizes were the Grade 3 North American Pipe Band Championships and the Midwestern US Pipe Band Championships. In addition, the band took second places in the Grade 3A World Pipe Band Championships and the United States Pipe Band Championships.

In July, the band put on its first concert at St. Mary’s College at Notre Dame, Indiana. The band combined a repertoire of traditional and contemporary piping music with a local Celtic band, a local Highland dancing school, and an Irish dancing school. Based on the very good turnout and display put on by the band, the plan is to put another concert on in February 2002. The band hopes to record the event and distribute its first CD during 2002 (the Midlothian Scottish Pipe Band recorded and distributed an album in the late 1980s).

Midlothian & Metropolitan Pipe Band is expecting to move up to Grade 2 over this off-season as it prepares for the 2002 contest season. The band is forming a lower grade band that it expects will be ready to compete in Grade 4 next year.

Pipe Major Bob Boyle and Lead Drummer Marty Boyle led the Midlothian & Metropolitan Pipe Band through its successful inaugural 2001 season. For the upcoming year, Jim Sim will take over the leadership of the drum corps. Both Marty Boyle and Pipe Sergeant Ian Swinton will continue to play integral roles in the band and the development of the lower grade band.

With a great emphasis on education and hard work, band members are actively teaching new students and others within the organization. The traditions built by the Midlothian Scottish Pipe Band are alive and well within the new organization: passing on and excelling in the great traditions of Scottish piping and drumming.

Contact: Bob Boyle, Pipe Major.


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