August 31, 1999

New Ezeedrone bass reed adds length to sound

The highly successful Ezeedrone reeds from Glasgow piper Ronnie McShannon have just been 33% revamped with the development and introduction of a newly designed bass reed.

The previous model of bass reed was often criticized for not blending well with the tenor reeds. McShannon has attempted to solve the problem by creating a bass with a substantially longer body – one the approximate length of a traditional cane bass.

Length of tongue, materials, and basic structure of the new bass reed appear to remain the same. Some elements of workmanship have evidently improved, though, with the tuning screw at the end of the reed working more efficiently, and the reed as a whole being more responsive.

The result of the lengthening of the bass is improved tone and stability, with the bass now blending better with the Ezeedrone tenors. Pipers who once had to resort to playing a different bass reed will likely now find it easier to play the reeds as a set.

The new Ezeedrone bass has just now started to be made available from dealers around the world, and can also be purchased directly from the manufacturer in Glasgow.

Approximate price of the new bass reed is £25.


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