July 31, 2008

Plug pulled on Delphi Beertent

The often salacious Delphi Beertent online forum has been put out of the piping and drumming world’s misery with its plug being pulled on July 8th after a particularly scandalous round of anonymous postings.
Despite its often questionable content, the forum was one of the most popular destinations on the net for pipers and drummers, particularly by those based in the United Kingdom. Authors rarely signed their true name to their posts, instead expressing their unvarnished thoughts using pseudonyms. Some frequent posters were known to operate under numerous aliases.
While most of the content was intended strictly to stir up controversy, many saw the outlet as a means to express feelings candidly without the threat of political reprisal. Some top pipe bands prohibited their members from posting on the site on threat of expulsion, but pipers and drummers did so anyway.
“A lot of the stuff on the Delphi Beertent made my skin crawl,” said one piper who visited the site frequently but rarely posted, always using a pseudonym, and spoke under condition of anonymity, “but I still went there every day because there was sometimes an element of truth in what was being said.”
Other online forums for pipers and drummers were reportedly being started by frequenters of the Delphi Beertent.


  1. I’m glad the beer tent has been pulled down. I rarely used it unless there was anything worthwhile to comment on. Unfortunately i was stupid enough to use my own name and i quickly became a target for the annonymous assassins. One post that sticks in my mind was someone claiming i had died! The upset caused and then the abuse i recieved when i posted on there was totally unforgivable. I won’t be looking for any replacement of that forum, and i hope that if there is a replacement then the decent users who do use it for the purpose intended keep the idiots at bay. Stuart



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