August 31, 2006

SFU drums missing since flight home

Every instrument of the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band’s drum section is still missing after flying home to Vancouver via Heathrow Airport on British Airways.

Pipe-Major Terry Lee’s pipes are also among the items lost in transit.

SFU was one of many non-Scottish bands competing at the World Pipe Band Championships in Glasgow that were faced with security-related restrictions, including a no-carry-on-luggage rule, meaning that all pipes had to be checked.

British Airways is claiming that the company is dealing with “10,000 missing bags” and, according to sources, the airline cannot locate Lee’s pipes or the band’s 10 large, bright blue drum boxes. “They don’t even know if they are in Glasgow or Heathrow,” the source said.

A piper with the Grade 2 Maple Ridge band never did get her suitcase after leaving Vancouver. The bag was eventually discovered at Vancouver, never having left the airport.


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