May 31, 2006

Updated: Field-Marshal Montgomery: 2006 Scottish Champions

Dumbarton, Scotland – May 20, 2006 – After a tie broken by the ensemble judge, Field-Marshal Montgomery won the Scottish Pipe Band Championship here today against a field of 11 other Grade 1 bands. The event was the first for the new Musical Appreciation & Presentation system in Grade 4 and Novice Juvenile. Weather was cold and rainy. St. Laurence O’Toole did not compete due to an oversight with the band’s entry.

Grade 1 (medley)
1st Field-Marshal Montgomery (Ulster)
2nd House of Edgar-Shotts & Dykehead (Scotland)
3rd Robert Wiseman Dairies-Vale of Atholl (Scotland)
4th Strathclyde Police (Scotland)
5th ScottishPower (Scotland)
6th Boghall & Bathgate (Scotland)
Drumming: Shotts; Bass Section: Shotts
Judges Harry Stevenson, George Shepherd (piping); Alistair Aitken (ensemble); Jim Hutton (drumming).

The RSPBA did not award a Best Bass Section prize in Grade 1 on the day, but announced a day later that it went to House of Edgar-Shotts & Dykehead. The organization stated that it could not make the announcement “until clarification of the result had been received from the adjudicator concerned.” The prize will be presented at the British Championship in June.

Grade 2 (MSR)
1st Tayside Police (Scotland)
2nd Torphichen & Bathgate (Scotland)
3rd Polkemmet (Scotland)
4th Killeen (Ulster)
5th Buchan (Scotland)
6th Ravara (Ulster)
Drumming: Lomond & Clyde (Scotland)
Judges Dixie Ingram, J. Moles (piping); Bob Shepherd (ensemble); Gordon Craig (drumming).

Grade 3A
1st Battlehill
2nd Coalburn (Scotland)
3rd Banbridge (Ulster)
4th Annsborough (Ulster)
5h MacKenzie Caledonia (Scotland)
6th Tyne & Wear Fire (England)
Drumming: Linlithgow (Scotland)
Judges Jennifer Hutcheon, Ian Roddick (piping); Denver Cardwell (ensemble); J. Drysdale (drumming).

Grade 3B
1st Dunoon Argyll (Scotland)
2nd Williamwood (Scotland)
3rd Annan (Scotland)
4th Clan Pipers-Frankfurt (Germany)
5th Gortaclare (Ulster)
6th Beeston (England)
Drumming: Dunoon Argyll
Judges Trevor Dear, Tony Sloane (piping); C. Mordaunt (ensemble); A. Steele (drumming).

1st George Watson’s (Scotland)
2nd Boghall & Bathgate (Scotland)
3rd Kintyre Schools (Scotland)
4th Dunoon Grammar (Scotland)
5th Inverclyde (Scotland)
Drumming: George Watson’s
Judges Harry Stevenson, George Shepherd (piping); Alistair Aitken (ensemble); Jim Hutton (drumming).

Grade 4A
1st McNeillstown (Ulster)
2nd Drumlough (Ulster)
3rd Kilsyth (Scotland)
4th Raffrey (Ulster)
5th Strathclyde University (Scotland)
6th Lanark (Scotland)
Drumming: McNeilstown

Grade 4B
1st Concord
2nd Kirkaldy (Scotland)
3rd Grampian-Corby
4th Fraserburgh (Scotland)
5th Clydebank (Scotland)
6th Burntisland (Scotland)
Drumming: Concord

Novice Juvenile
1st Methil (Scotland)
2nd Kintyre Schools (Scotland)
3rd North Lanarkshire Schools (Scotland)
4th Johnstone (Scotland)
5th Inveraray (Scotland)
6th Robert Wiseman Dairies-Vale of Atholl (Scotland)
Drumming: George Watson’s


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