Fuller sweeps boards at The View

Published: March 6, 2017
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Johannesburg – March 4, 2017 – The second indoor Solo Piping Championship of the Scottish Piping Society of Southern Africa held at The View saw Thomas Fuller win the overall winner on the day taking first place in each of the senior events.

Solo Piping
Overall (Sandy Mallen Memorial)
1st Thomas Fuller, 1 Medical Battalion
2nd Rohan Morgan, Spirit of Richmond
3rd Nicholas Taitz, Spirit of Richmond
4th Jonathan Visser
5th Ian Hunter, 1 Medical Battalion

1st Thomas Fuller
2nd Rohan Morgan
3rd Nicholas Taitz
4th Ian Hunter
5th Jonathan Visser
6th Peter Holgreaves
Judges: Geoff Irvine

1st Thomas Fuller
2nd Nicholas Taitz
3rd Rohan Morgan
4th Jonathan Visser
Judge: Roger Davies

Strathspey & Reel
1st Thomas Fuller
2nd Jonathan Visser
3rd Nicholas Taitz
4th Rohan Morgan
5th Malcolm Chadwick
6th Ian Hunter
Judge: Chris Mulinder

Overall (Sandy Mallen Memorial)
1st Matthew Pollock, Benoni
2nd Jonathan Bosch, Jeppe
3rd Sean Cameron, Cornwall Hill
4th Thabiso Motaung, KES

1st Matthew Pollock
2nd Jonathan Bosch
3rd Sean Cameron
4th Thabiso Motaung
Judge: Struan Young

1st Garrin Walker
2nd Eric Cleaver
3rd Spiros Paizes
4th Sean Cameron
5th Brendon Mochrie
6th Thabiso Motaung
7th Jason Esterhuizen
8th Jonathan Bosch
9th Ignatious Maphotoma
10th Dominic Da Costa
11th Gemma  McCreadie
12th Matthew Pollock
13th Anthony Qhalo
14th Yondela Magadla
15th Liam Walsh
Judge: David Harris

Wallace Bagpipes Scotland Amateur
1st Craig Paxman
2nd Ross Montgomery
3rd Sean McClymont
4th Paul Ross
5th Josh Scott-Barnes

1st Ross Montgomery
2nd Craig Paxman
3rd Sean McClymont
4th Paul Ross
5th Rosemarie Tarboton
6th David Carlse
7th Josh Scott-Barnes
8th Mark Campbell
9th Richard Prall

1st Craig Paxman
2nd Sean McClymont
3rd Josh Scott-Barnes
4th Ross Montgomery
5th Rosemarie Tarboton
6th David Carlse
7th Mark Campbell
8th Richard Prall
9th Paul Ross

Strathspey & Reel
1st Sean McClymont
2nd Craig Paxman
3rd Ross Montgomery
4th Paul Ross
5th Richard Prall
6th Josh Scott-Barnes
7th Rosemarie Tarboton
8th David Carlse
9th Mark Campbell


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