October 09, 2017

Fuller up to Ackroyd Challenge

George Ackroyd.

Parktown, South Africa – October 7, 2017 – Thomas Fuller was the aggregate winner at the annual George Ackroyd Challenge, held at the View, in the Johannesburg suburb. Rosemarie Tarboton was the overall winner of the amateur events. The competition is named for a prominent Scottish immigrant piper to South Africa, who was responsible for much of the teaching of a new generation of players.

1st Thomas Fuller
2nd Sean Cameron
3rd Matthew Pollock
4th Nicholas Taitz
5th Malcolm Chadwick
6th Ian Hunter
Judges: Chris Terry, Struan Young

1st Nicholas Taitz
2nd Malcolm Chadwick
3rd Damien Pitman
4th Thomas Fuller
5th Jonathan Visser
6th Matthew Pollock
Judge: Laurence Davies

Strathspey & Reel
1st Malcolm Chadwick
2nd Thomas Fuller
3rd Spiros Paizes
4th Damien Pitman
5th Nicholas Taitz
6th Matthew Pollock
Judge: Robert du Toit

Wallace Bagpipes Amateur (Overall)
1st Rosemarie Tarboton
2nd Richard Prall
3rd Paul Louw

H.W. Kinsey Novice March Challenge
1st Gordon Grossett
2nd Kelvin Dixon
3rd Ross Olive
4th James Hickman
5th Taigue Mitchell
6th Llewellyn Cotty
Judge: David Harris

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