December 16, 2023

The 2023 pipes|drums Holiday Gift Guide! Great deals from our advertisers for p|d readers . . .

Woo-hoo! It’s the 2023 pipes|drums Holiday Gift Guide!

We asked our fabulous advertisers to highlight one or two of their great products and services as excellent gifts for your favourite piper, drummer or piping and drumming enthusiast, so check out their suggestions and the many great deals they offer.

Be sure to peruse their entire website for the many items they offer now and year-round!


InTune Mic: A Revolution in Bagpipe Tuning

Experience the convenience of the InTune Mic, the world’s first wireless clip-on instrument microphone for smartphones. It simplifies tuning for pipers, offering an innovative, easy-to-use solution compatible with various devices and apps.

  • Wireless Technology: Clip-on microphone for hassle-free tuning.
  • Plug and Play: No complex setup; just clip on and start tuning.
  • Compatible with Multiple Devices: Works with iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows.
  • Noise Reduction: Ideal for tuning in noisy environments.
  • Lightweight and Compact: Ensures easy portability and use during performances.

Limited Time Offer: pipes|drums readers get $10 off with the coupon code PIPESDRUMS

Bagpipe Gauge: Master Steady Blowing for Superior Tone

The Bagpipe Gauge is an essential tool for pipers of all levels, designed to teach and maintain steady bag pressure for a rich, harmonic bagpipe sound. Easy to use and highly effective, it offers instant visual feedback, enhancing control and tone.

  • Instant Feedback: Provides real-time visual cues for steady blowing.
  • For All Levels: Suitable for beginners and advanced players alike.
  • User-Friendly: Simple to use and portable for practice anywhere.

Limited Time Offer: pipes|drums readers get $10 off with the coupon code PIPESDRUMS

Begg Bagpipes

Begg Synthetic Long Size Practice Chanter

Usually £49.50 plus VAT. (VAT not applicable outside UK.)

Free post on most website items, and you will enjoy no post on this fabulous long chanter. Refresh your sound. What a bargain!

Counter sunk holes. It has the same fingering as the pipe chanter. Handmade – like all Begg Bagpipes items, bespoke but not expensive.

We can offer it at £40 plus VAT in the UK and free worldwide post. Please order reed online.

A good Christmas to all pipes|drums readers . . . and, therefore, my customers!

Blair Bagpipes

Blair Digital Chanter

An amazing playing experience that allows you to play all day and night and will keep the entire family happy!

With nine different Bagpipes onboard and access to a free library of over 21 more, it’s much more than just a chanter. The sound is fantastic, the design is modern, and its authentic feel creates a versatile instrument. Add the Ergo bag, a pre-formed bag with a cutoff sensor, and you have a fully-fledged bagpipe for playouts and performance. This instrument is designed to accommodate any piper’s preferences and can be fully customized to suit your requirements.

The Blair Digital Chanter also features a built-in metronome for precision timing, a professional Reverb, EQ, Pan and Pitch change for fine-tuning, and adjustable Vibrato on each note for expression. Notably, the instrument boasts a built-in MIDI interface, allowing seamless connection to your PC for expanded possibilities and integration with music software.

With its innovative design and cutting-edge technology, the Blair Digital Chanter is a gateway to a world of musical possibilities.

Watch and hear the Blair Digital Chanter:

Great Highland Bagpipe

G-major Smallpipes

A-Major Smallpipes / Uilleann Bagpipe

“PTE Joe McConnell, 1943” by Murray Blair

Scott’s Highland Services

Combination Small Pipe or Border Pipe, by Pipers’ Choice

Plays in the key of A (440 hertz)

Tenor, baritone and bass drone. The small pipe can be turned into a border pipe by switching the chanter and pipe reed.

Available over the shoulder or across the arm.

$879 plus applicable tax. (Also available with bellows at an additional charge of $224.95.)


Lee & Sons Bagpipes

It’s our 13th Anniversary!

All pipe bags from Lee & Sons Bagpipes are 20% off during the month of December!

Modern Piping

The Tone Temple Chanter Case

Want to keep your reed at optimum playing levels without the worry of exposing it to dry the air from the bottom of the reed or keep it in a humid, air-tight environment without the risk of developing mould?


Tone Temple bagpipe chanter case is an essential pipers tool for those looking to get the best sound out of their chanter and reed with the best strength/mould protection on the market.

Special 5% discount for pipes|drums readers until December 31st. Use this code: pipesdrums2023ttcc

Pipers Dojo

Cruise Journey North: May 4-11, 2024, Alaska to Seattle on cruise ship Norwegian Bliss

The highly sought-after Piper’s Dojo Bagpipe Cruise is back for the first time since 2020, with a twist! Piper’s Dojo is joining forces with the brilliant minds behind Piping Hot Summer Drummer to bring bagpiping and drumming together on the high seas!

From May 4th to 11th, 2024, join world-renowned piping and drumming legends Jack Lee, Reid Maxwell, Rab Mathieson and Andrew Douglas for an idyllic Alaskan voyage on the luxurious Norwegian Bliss cruise liner. Grab the family and sign up now to enjoy a relaxing holiday that combines sightseeing with supercharging your piping or drumming progress, all as you sail in extravagant luxury.

More info here.

Piper’s Dojo International School: August 6-11, 2024, Edinburgh, Scotland

Registrations are now open for the Piping School experience of a lifetime! Join us for five full days of bagpipe instruction and immersion in the heart of Scotland. After the event, we’ll enjoy workshops and recitals with world champion guests and transition straight into “Piping Live! All meals and accommodation in Edinburgh are included in the price. We can only take 40 pipers, so get in quick if you want to come along – we have a handful of places left, and you only need to pay a $100 deposit to register.

More info here.

$1 Dojo University Premium Test Drive

Dojo University is the world’s largest and longest-running online bagpiping and drumming school. Through self-paced courses, live Zoom classes, and tailored expert feedback, we teach thousands of students to play pipes and drums in a highly accessible way that is entirely unlike anything else you’ll find online or in person anywhere in the world. And for a limited time, you can join for just $1! Test drive our Premium Membership to join the Dojo and see what all the hype is about . . .

More info here.


pipes|drums Gift Subscription 33% off!

From now until Christmas, you can purchase a Gift Subscription for your favourite piper, drummer or enthusiast for only $9.99!

That’s $5 off the usual price of a one-year subscription.

Think about that: for about the cost of a pint of lager swill, you can give your bestie a full year of everything on pipes|drums . . . plus support your favourite independent, nonprofit piping and drumming publication!


Purchase a copy of I Piped, That She Might Dance and receive a $20 credit against any item from our “Collectible” range: books, LPs, and a range of exciting items.


SoundSupreme Reeds

For the entire month of December, if two dozen reeds are ordered, you will receive an additional six at no charge!

Two styles of reeds to choose from and made to whatever strength requirement is needed. Also finished off to the make of chanter you have.

Go to the Soundsupreme website to place your order!

(Please note that all written descriptions are written and submitted by advertisers.)

Be sure to check back here and on every advertiser’s website for more items this holiday season!

Merry, merry!





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