June 30, 2010

Videos: Peel Police take soggy Georgetown

Georgetown, Ontario – June 12, 2010 – The Peel Regional Police triumphed in the first Grade 1 contest of the Ontario outdoor season, besting the 78th Fraser Highlanders in a four-band medley event. Fredericton Society of St. Andrew won the Grade 2 contest. Results in the Professional solo piping were scattered, but Alex Gandy had the most success in the light music events. Weather was mid-20s and calm, but overcast in the morning and steady drizzle or  showers in the afternoon.

Grade 1 (Medley, four competed)
1st Peel Regional Police
2nd 78th Fraser Highlanders
3rd Toronto Police
4th 78th Highlanders (Halifax Citadel)

Drumming: 78th Fraser Highlanders
Judges: Reay Mackay, Ken Eller (piping); Craig Stewart (drumming); Bob Worrall (ensemble)


Grade 2 (Medley, three competed)

1st Fredericton Society of St. Andrew

2nd Burnett’s & Struth

3rd Penetangore

Judges: Reay Mackay, Ken Eller (piping); Craig Stewart (drumming); Bob Worrall (ensemble)

Grade 3 (Medley,  nine competed)
1st Rob Roy
2nd Hamilton Police
3rd Windsor Police

Drumming: 400 Squadron
Judges: Gail Brown, Bob MacCrimmon (piping); Greg Dinsdale (drumming); Andrew Berthoff (ensemble)

Grade 4 (Medley, 11 competed)
1st Brighton Legion
2nd Queen’s University
3rd Penetangore (Gr4)

Drumming: Dofasco
Judges: Gail Brown, Bob MacCrimmon (piping); Greg Dinsdale (drumming); Andrew Berthoff (ensemble)

Grade 5 (eight competed)
1st Paris/Port Dover
2nd Celtic Blue
3rd White Heather

Judges: Reay Mackay, Ken Eller (piping); Craig Stewart (drumming); Bob Worrall (ensemble)

Professional Solo Piping (15 competed)
1st Andy Rogers, Fredericton, New Brunswick
2nd Andrew Hayes, Ottawa
3rd Ian K. MacDonald, Whitby, Ontario
4th Robbie Beaton, New York
5th Sean McKeown, Toronto
6th Elizabeth Sheridan, Oakville, Ontario

Judge: Reay Mackay

1st Roderick MacLean, Halifax, Nova Scotia
2nd Alex Gandy, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia
3rd Andy Rogers
4th Andrew Hayes
5th Alan Clark, Ottawa
6th Robbie Beaton

Judge: Ken Eller

Strathspey & Reel
1st Sean McKeown
2nd Alex Gandy
3rd Alan Clark
4th Elizabeth Sheridan
5th Ian K. MacDonald
6th Robbie Beaton

Judge: Gail Brown

1st Alex Gandy
2nd Doug MacRae, London, Ontario
3rd Ian K. MacDonald
4th Robbie Beaton
5th Sean McKeown
6th Kevin Dugas, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Judge: Bob Worrall


  1. Not sure what was noncomformist about Peels medley. I watched the video of Alma and have a question…..This is not meant to question what they are doing, and you obviously miss a lot of sound on youtube, but what is the purpose/goal/sound effect of having the drummers start ahead of the band, if they just A. finish in a circle? B. End up at the back anyway? Only things I noticed where more visual for the tenors, and pipers having to squeeze through drum ranks. Would love to just know why it is they are doing this and not wether it’s wrong or right. With that being said, well done to Peel for their win, I like their medley, I also love the 78th medley! hopefully this goes back and forth through the season.

  2. What I meant by non-conformist is that they did not play the typical orders of hornpipe/jigs/air/strathspeys/reels or hornpipe/strathspeys/reels/air/jigs. They switched up the order a bit and kept the crowd (and judges obviously) interested all the way through. Nonetheless, it was very enjoyable.



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