Published: August 31, 2008

Walker walks tall at Mallaig and Morar

Mallaig, Scotland – August 3, 2008 – Gordon Walker of Galston, Scotland, won just about everything at the annual Mallaig & Morar games on a sunny and warm day. There was a large entry across all events.
1st Robert Wallace, Glasgow, “The King’s Taxes”
2nd Gordon Walker, “Lament for MacSwan of Roaig”
3rd Brian Mulhearn, Glasgow, “MacCrimmon’s Sweetheart”
4th Jim Dillahey, Charleston, South Carolina, “Lament for Mary MacLeod”
Judge: Iain MacFadyen
1st Gordon Walker
2nd John-Angus Smith, London
3rd John Mulhearn, Glasgow
4th Robert Wallace
Strathspey & Reel
1st Gordon Walker
2nd John Mulhearn
3rd Jenny Hazzard, Edinburgh
4th John-Angus Smith
Hornpipe & Jig
1st Gordon Walker
2nd John Mulhearn
3rd John Angus Smith
4th Jenny Hazzard
Archie MacLean judged all of the light music events.


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