July 22, 2011


In 2010 “Glen-Cam” was first used and it still gets lots of inquiries. People seemed to like it a lot, as it was intended to provide an adjudicator’s perspective. And, now, I bring you “Bass-Cam.”

If you think about it, the rarest vantage-point in the pipe world is that of a bass drummer with a Grade 1 pipe band. There’s only one of them, and they tend to be pretty stable when it comes to staying with bands. So why not bring you this unique perspective?

Kindly agreeing this was Reagan Jones, keeper of the big drum (or, one of them, anyway) with the Grade 1 Toronto Police Pipe Band. The original intention was to get footage from the actual competition, but mechanical difficulties prohibited that (i.e., the freakin’ camera didn’t work!), but she was successful with a test-run, capturing the band’s final stages of tuning with a set of 4/4 marches.

Thanks to Reagan and her band for being such good sports and having some fun, even in the heat of competition and the heat of the 35-degree day.

And, so . . . here’s “Bass-Cam.”


  1. Interesting concept, but with all that shuckin’ & jivin’ that is usually signature to most mid sections, won’t people get motion sickness watching this? It would be different if they actually stood still….
    Needs a little fine tuning, like, say, a gyroscopically mounted camera attached to a balloon or zeppelin hovering over the band?….LOL

  2. Umm…interesting. The bass has a nice warm tone but the reverb and the movement of the camera make this really hard to watch and listen. Is this what it really sounds like to play the bass?



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