July 25, 2013

Ceol Competition Cam

Time to strap on the Compettion Cam (also known as the Glen Cam, the Bass-Cam and the Heavy-Cam . . . so far) for a different perspective on competing – which is actually a very familiar one to anyone who has competed. Thanks to Pete Aumonier and Jim Murdoch for being such good sports.

For those who have never competed on the Ontario circuit, this is pretty much what it’s like having an early draw during the summer.

All in good fun.


  1. Great to see. I was at Cambridge last year but right before my piobaireachd my Gannaway unstitched zipper let go…bummer. This year I was there again and made it through all events. On the long row of contest tables under the trees, the main goal was to be far enough away from the tables to tune up well, but be close enough to be there quick as a flash. It worked 🙂
    My biggest contest obstacle however was having a soft-sider hot tub rolled between the judges table and me during a piobaireachd contest…I couldn’t even make up that story if I tried…

  2. After a lot of years taking in these performances from somewhere behind the judge this was a real treat. Brilliant! Letting we standabouts actually get some idea of the performers views and thoughts is really great. Cheers.

  3. Andrew
    I thought that was a great idea you had , and your very brave for putting yourself on this blog thing .
    The pipes sounded very good and I think I would have had you in at least …1st place if not higher !!
    As usual a great article .



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