August 29, 2005


Just thinking about tune titles. A good tune title is hard to beat. I can’t stand the jokey, hokey ones that generally get put on tunes that are as bad as their names. A great tune always but always has a good name. A bad tune title makes me lose interest in the tune fast.

My favourite name for a tune is “A Cup of Tea,” which was applied to the really excellent two-parted reel. Anyone who drinks tea knows that there’s sometimes nothing better than a cup of tea. It goes down quickly. It quenches thirst, makes you want another cup, but more than just the right amount is too much.

The tune rolls off the fingers. It’s just the right length, and you want to hear it again, but three times gets a bit much.

Of course, there’s also the expression Not my cup of tea. But the reel and title and a cup of tea itself are mine. Perfect.





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