Paul Byrom (formerly of Celtic Thunder)

Date(s): November 12, 2011,
October 12, 2011

Location: 3025 Walnut Street Philadelphia Pa 19104,

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Paul Byrom is often hailed as Ireland's premier young tenor and with good reason. From an early age his special vocal talent brought him the attention of music coaches and talent spotters. The Dublin-born tenor began voice study and training when he was just seven years old and he was a professional singer by his early teens. Paul recorded his first album as a boy soprano at 14. In 2007 Paul was invited to join Celtic Thunder as one of the five soloists. "I was thrilled to join Celtic Thunder and get the chance to work with Phil Coulter again" says Paul. "We have had a lot of fun making the show's and it's very exciting to think about bringing it to new audiences around the world." Fans call Byrom "The Swanky Tenor" for his suave and romantic style in performing, which is stamped on such numbers in Celtic Thunder as "Remember Me Recuerde Me" and "She". 215-222-1400



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