The Shamrock Cup

Date(s): June 10, 2011

Location: Montevideo, Uruguay,

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The Shamrock Cup - 1st South American Indoor Piping Competition As we have no standing grading in the region, we are to have basically two categories: Novice and Open. 'Novice' is considered a promotional event, to encourage pipers to play in front of their peers. The contest will consist of a 2/4 march setting of a total of 4 parts, these being one 4-parted march, or two 2-parted marches. The 'Open' is eligible for the Shamrock Cup. The Shamrock Cup is a property of The Shannon Pub, and will remain in the premises. A small plaque with the winners name will be added to the cup every time this event takes place, and will be displayed properly together with pictures of the different winners. The Open category will have two parts: · Piobaireachd · March, Strathspey and Reel Light Music. For the MSR competitors shall submit one setting. All marches shall be in 2/4 time signature. All tunes submitted shall be a minimum of 4 parts. Piobaireachd. Competitors shall submit one piobaireachd. The selected Piobaireachd must contain at least: Urlar, 1st Variation, Doubling, Taourluath, Crunluath. All competitors are required to present two written copies of the music they are to play, to be submitted to the Judges prior to the competition. Tuning Time. Piping competitors shall adhere to the following tuning times: for piobaireachd, a limit of 5 minutes; for all other events, a limit of 3 minutes. Individuals exceeding the allowable tuning times may be disqualified. All competitors performing final tuning must do so without assistance, except for Novice competitions. Proper Dress. All competitors and prize winners receiving a prize in a formal presentation shall wear proper Highland Dress, as defined. Breach of this rule may lead to disqualification. Definition of highland dress for this event consists of kilt, sporran, hoses, brogues, shirt and tie. Jacket, vest and headwear are considered optional. Order of Play. Order of Play will be as follows: 1.- Novices 2.- March, Strathspey and Reel 3.- Piobaireachd. Prizes There will be prizes for all categories. The Piper of the Day shall be the piper awarded the Shamrock Cup. The Piper of the Day shall be the piper competing in March, Strathspey and Reel and Piobaireachd who is awarded the



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