April 27, 2006


I just read comments on the occasionally entertaining and usually selacious “Beer Tent” about the little story about Gordon Lee joining SFU. I thought the piece was totally benign, no matter which way it was sliced, but there’s always someone – and usually someone who’s afraid to put his name to his or her thoughts – who’s convinced that I have some secret agenda or intentionally try to misrepresent the “facts.”

The fact is, I personally could not give a rat’s arse about what any band or piper or drummer does. I don’t care where a band comes from. I have no predilection towards any group, whether I once played with them or not, or any country or city that I may or may not have lived in.

All I personally care about is that bands and soloists – all of them – play well and keep building their respective scenes. I only care that people play and compete and perform and judge fairly, and that everyone gets whatever they fairly deserve.

I do my best to acquire the facts and report news as I feel is appropriate and commensurate with the actual news value. I’m not a mind-reader and I don’t spend all day investigating reports or conjuring up stories. In general, what you see on Piper & Drummer Online comes from incoming tips and bands and soloists sending their news. If you don’t read about something, it’s usually because no one bothered to send it in or because it’s not, in my judgment, news.

It’s too bad that some in the piping and drumming world are bent on thinking there’s an ulterior motive to everything. Generally speaking, you’ll find these people doing the most complaining and the least contributing.





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