October 19, 2005

Just remembered

For some reason I only just remembered now that Paul McComish about 18 months ago inquired if he could purchase Piper & Drummer Online.

After enjoying a few stunned moments of flattery, I told him that I had no interest in selling it, no matter what the price (okay, you know what I mean). Since the whole thing is not-for-profit and simply something that I enjoy doing (most days), selling it or profiting from it have never even crossed my mind. He then started his “news” portion of the Band Room’s Web site, which quickly became woefully out-of-date when it didn’t lift content from P&D Online.

Perhaps what he wanted was some sort of site that the Band Room surreptitiously owned and could therefore control for its own benefit. Right.

Just think, if I’d struck a deal with him you wouldn’t be reading this or about Gary Corkin or copyright issues or, of course, the Band Room shenanigans. You’d be reading sob-stories about how the Band Room and RG Hardie things failed despite best and honest attempts and courageous battles to the finish and other absurd claims that have appeared on Web sites and in print magazines. I wouldn’t have written them, though, but I would probably still be waiting for my money.





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