August 26, 2005

Miles better

Glasgow really is a great city. My comments before were just a few observations, and, yeah, they were a bit negative. As with things like that, the positive sometimes gets overlooked. Here are some very positive things about Glasgow, at least to me, for whatever they’re worth:

Even with the long red-light-waits, it’s easy to get around by car or, even better, on foot. What’s more, people don’t mind walking, which is far different from Toronto where people often drive a block to get a pint of milk.

Style. Glasgow does have great style. People are more interesting and friendly than other parts of Scotland, and certainly more friendly than most Torontonians.

The parks. Glasgow Green, Kelvingrove, Bellahouston. Glasgow has lots of green space.

Very few Scots talking with an English accent. Edinburgh’s got lots of Englishified Scots claiming to be proud to be Scottish, but Glaswegians are proud to be and sound like like they’re from Glasgow. Is what it is.

It’s where my mother was brought up. She was raised right in the city around WW2 and weathered that storm except for a brief evactuation to the Pitlochry area. She went to Glasgow University. I’m half-Weegie and will never forget that, zombies, smog, four-quid lattes and all.





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