December 29, 2008

Most excellent 2008

Very swift.I wish I could listen to more music than I do, but here are my favourite songs and albums from 2008. My choice of favourite CD of the year surprises me, too, maybe, but this is one of the most likeable albums imaginable, whether you’re an eight-year-old girl or a 45-year-old dad. Just about every one of the songs on Fearless could have made my top five tracks. (Thanks to my colleague, Lorna, for late-year suggestions!)


  1. Fearless – Taylor Swift
  2. Jukebox – Cat Power
  3. Asking for Flowers – Kathleen Edwards
  4. Modern Guilt – Beck
  5. Lochbroom – Alasdair Gillies


  1. “Song to Bobby” – Cat Power
  2. “L.E.S. Artistes” – Santogold
  3. “Breathe” – Taylor Swift
  4. “Nothing Ever Happened” – Deerhunter
  5. “Profanity Prayers” – Beck

What were your favourites of 2008?


  1. Metallica – Death Magnetic
    Trivium – Shogun
    G ‘n R – Chinese Democracy
    Testament – The Formation of Damnation
    Slipknot – All Hope is Gone

    …Metal Rules…

  2. Although I am 12 years past the “45 year old dad” example I did not realize that that meant I must be REALLY old since the only cd or track I even recognized was “Lochbroom”… With that in mind, I think I will keep my favorites to myself ;>)

  3. Being 20 years past the “45 year old dad” example I sometimes wonder if anyone else is still listening to Miles, Bird and Mingus and of course the Guelph pipe band and the Clan.

  4. Interesting lists. Not what I would have expected from this group.

    I can tell you what the best album of 2009 will be:

    U2 – “No Line On The Horizon” Due out in March. Early reviews are overwhelmingly positive.



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