November 21, 2008


Wait till the Tri-State area sees my evil Drone-a-nator!It’s winter, it’s cold, there’s not a lot of piping and drumming going on, we’ve said everything there is to say about the Blessed Camaraderie of Tenor Drummers . . . so it’s time for a list.

Here are my favourite TV shows, although I confess that, because of time and watching live baseball almost every day from April to November, I catch up on some of these shows by DVD.

  1. Madmen. This is brilliant TV, especially for someone who works in marketing. A real study of a period just before so many societal things were about to change.
  2. 30 Rock. Funniest. Show. Ever. Me want foooood!
  3. Frontline. I never know when this deadly serious PBS program is on, but when I happen upon it it’s always riveting stuff.
  4. The Office. This has recently come close to a shark-jump (the episode where they get locked inside the building was relatively lame), but it’s still brilliant character acting and timing.
  5. Phineas & Ferb. While reading the morning’s news, I end up watching this show many weekday mornings with Annabel. P&F features maybe my favourite cartoon character ever, Doofenshmirtz, head of Evil Incorporated, and the voice of Ashley Tisdale as the borderline personality disorder-afflicted sister, Candace. When I was a kid all we had was total crap like Speed Racer.


  1. When I was a kid all we had was total crap like Speed Racer.

    Berthoff, you are a heathen. Maybe you forget the Mamouth Car from the SR series. It inspired the young Bell bros, and friends to invent the Mamouth bicycle. Kevin Sullivan ( a non piper and lead driver) still has the scars from going through Geo Hawleys thorn bushes. A young Jimmy Bell ( a sometime piper ) was smart enough to sit on the rearmost bike and emerged unscathed. Duncan spent the time talking and Gordon spent the time eating. you don’t get a head that size without alot of potatos.
    We didn’t realize that the Mamouth Bike would not turn in less than half a mile of

    As to great shows on TV. 30 Rock is excellent of course but the best shows are on HBO. True Blood, Deadwood, and John From Cincinnati are classics. All the cop shows are good for info if you’re from New Jersey. Go Yankees.


  2. Alex — TPB was great for its first few years. The Rush episode was brilliant. But they’re doing the right thing by winding it up now.
    JB — you’re right. My Depression-era parents were too frugal to get a TV with UHF, so no coveted Channel 30 for us! I think I brainwashed myself into thinking Speed was crap!
    But the Yankees are mos def crap.

  3. My vote goes for Curb Your Enthusiasm (love the arguements), Scrubs (love the humouristic sarcasm), UFC events (not the reality TV show. Too much yakin’, not enough fightin’) and NCIS (good fun alround).
    If well scripted drama suits you, then check out the BBC imports. Always good quality (well mostly).

  4. 1) MotoGP Race of the week (in season)
    2) World Superbike Races of the week (in season)
    3) “Lost” (in season….my sister and I are in withdrawal till Janvier 2009)
    4) “Off the Record” (Michigan politics on local PBS Fri 9:00 – addictive, can’t miss)
    5) Dunno what else is on – never seen “24”, never seen “House”, never seen “Curb”, never seen “30 Rock”, caught a little of one NCIS…whatever…. not much of a TV guy other than “Lost” – too busy practicing…yeah, that’s the ticket 🙂

  5. The Three Tenors……….
    And the on-line disussion concerning the PPBSO AGM. Now THAT’s riveting drama!
    Also, mustn’t forget The Family Guy and American Dad. That “Seth M” is a real nutbar!

  6. Andy – you really have to get HBO and check out the likes of Entourage (aka “life with the boys in the band”) or Tim (just REALLY funny stuff) – way ahead of the boring network stuff.

  7. A few years back the Niagara Regional Police held a tattoo. Among the performers were two very different pipe bands. The then premier North American band a former world champion and a non competition military band which was outfitted with new full gear from spats to feather bonnets. The first band marched into a circle and played their competition piece brilliantly. They recieved a nice round of applause on finishing. The second band came out marching and playing all the old tunes, Green Hills, Cock of the North etc. They played to constant applause which concluded with a rousing ovation. The punters loved the show. Ironically in speaking with a good number of acquaintances after the show the top grade band ranked about fourth or fifth in order of appreciation after a military drill team, a lively brass band and the local coppers. I went specifically to see that Grade one band which I saw regularly on the Ontario circuit. The punters wanted a show if we give them that show then the rest of us will continue to have those venues where we can hear great pipe music.



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