September 16, 2006

One for the conspiracy theorists

The rather incredible snafu on the 2006 World’s CD is sure fodder for the conspiracy theorists (who comprise about 90 per cent of the piping world).

How could this happen? Is it a secret SLOT-plot? Is it a ruse to tame the Scottish Lion? If you think about it, it must have been an honest mistake. Costly, sure, but honest.

Leaving off the SL78FH’s medley creates a big gap in marketability. Everyone likes to hear what that band comes out with from year-to-year, so why leave them off?

But, didn’t they play the same medley as in 2005? Could it be a slap on the wrist, with the message, “Yuze boys better have something new next year, or else.”

But, by that token, that would mean that Field Marshal Montgomery’s reprised medley should be omitted, too. But they won, so you can’t keep that off the CD.

And then there’s the pro-SLOT angle. Is this a subliminibal message that Dublin’s heroes should have featured more prominently in the prizes? A band so nice they played it twice?

Or maybe it’s sartorial collusion: sell more green kilts at the Scottish Lion shop with additional funds kicking back to the sponsorship.

Oh, the intrigue!





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