April 28, 2005


I like to think that pipers and drummers won’t cheat other pipers and drummers. Piper & Drummer Online is a not-for-profit endeavour, and I created it from my own money. To keep it going, organizations can purchase inexpensive banner ads to pay the bills and, with luck, sock away a bit of capital to plow back in to the site.

But every so often there comes some shyster organization that just doesn’t pay its bill. They are asked repeatedly to settle their account, and they respond with waffling and false promises knowing that we have little recourse to collect.

I’ve toyed with the idea of posting a list of these organizations, but legal counsel has advised against it. What’s a poor, trusting Web site to do?

Pipers and drummers who cheat other pipers and drummers are scum. You know who you are.





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