September 27, 2005

Single-parent piping

Last week my wife had to go out of town on an eight-day business trip so I was looking after our five-year-old-daughter, Annabel, on my own. Neither of us are from Toronto, or even Canada, so the nearest relative is about 600 miles away.

I’ve been a temporary single-parent before and of course my wife has many times. But this time for some reason really made me realize that participation in piping and pipe bands are simply not feasible for single parents of young children. That might explain why there are so many families involved in the pipe band scene, at least in North America, and why so many marriages are strained when one spouse goes off to play in practices and contests and concerts while the other looks after the kids.

I can’t think of an instance of a single-parent involved in the pipe band scene whose son or daughter is not also directly involved. I’m sure it exists, but it must be extremely rare and, if you’re out there, full credit to you for being able to juggle your hobby and passion while also being a good parent.





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